33 FACTS About the Mormon Church

Published by the African Ex-Mormon Foundation, P.O. Box 1187, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa

The following 33 FACTS are UNdisputed "facts"! They are NOT "opinions". The LDS Church does NOT contest any of these FACTS. Mormon leaders simply don't tell Members these FACTS in order to "protect" them from these "hurtful truths". There is no copyright. Author: Darrick Evenson (2008)
1. Joseph Smith's "First Vision" accounts contradict each other, and his own mother and brothers never heard of him seeing God and Jesus in 1820! Their own biographies of Joseph make no mention of him seeing any visions at all until seeing the Angel Moroni in 1823.
2. Joseph Smith always publicly condemned polygamy (calling it "a false and damnable doctrine"), and denied he was a polygamist. But secretly he married his own foster-daughters; the Lawrence sisters, Maria and Sarah, ages 16 and 14. He secretly married women already married to other men; without the knowledge of their husbands. When a "wife" got pregnant he quickly married them off to another man. Joseph Smith did NOT practice what he preached! He married at least two sets of mothers and their own daughters. The LORD said to Moses: "And if a man take a wife and her mother it is wickedness..." (Lev. 20:14).
3. Joseph Smith once boasted: "I have more to boast of than ever any man had. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. A large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter, nor Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such a work as I." (History of the Church: 6:408) Are those the words of a humble servant of Christ? A latter-day apostle of Jesus?
4. Nancy Rigdon (aged 15) and Sarah Pratt both claimed Joseph Smith tried to sexually seduce them (Sarah Pratt being married at the time to Mormon apostle Orson Pratt who was on a mission in England). Joseph gave Orson Pratt several teen "wives" as consolation.
5. Joseph Smith illegal closed down the Nauvoo Expositor newspaper after it honestly and accurately reported that he was a secret polygamist; his illegally closing down the paper and destroying the Expositor printing press in the street are the reasons that is why he was arrested in June 1844 and sent to Carthage Jail. The Nauvoo Expositor merely told the truth!
6. Far from having "no paid ministry" top Mormon leaders make excellent salaries and also receive HUGE yearly "consulting fees" from Church owned tax-exempt businesses supported by tithing. This is why Church financial records are kept secret from Members.
7. Joseph Smith "translated a portion" of the bogus Kinderhook Plates (a series of 11 small bell-shaped brass plates with jibberish written on them), manufactured on April 1st (April Fools Day) 1843 by anti-Mormons in Kinderhook Illinois who wanted to "fool" Joseph. They did! Their "snare" worked! Only a bogus prophet can translate bogus plates.
8. Joseph Smith was arrested in 1826 in Bainbridge, New York, as a "juggler" (i.e. the term then used for "con-man"); for claiming to see buried treasure in his seerstone. Joseph never denied he conned ignorant farmers out of their money by digging for treasure that didn't exist. He off-handedly dismissed his "peepstone" days as "the follies of youth".
9. Over 60 of Joseph Smith's neighbors in Palmyra, New York, people who knew Joseph Smith from birth, later swore on the Bible in affidavits that Joseph Smith was known to pretend to see buried treasure via a "peepstone" he hid in his hat. That's why they called him "Peepstone Joe". These people were Joseph Smith's childhood friends and neighbors.
10. Joseph Smith's "Book of Abraham" cannot be found in the papyrus (re- discovered in 1967 in the Chicago Museum) he said it was translated from. Egyptologists long ago concluded Joseph Smith was a fraud, based upon his "translation" of the pagan "Breathing Permit of Horus" papyrus Smith claimed was the long lost "Book of Abraham". Go to www.bookofabraham.info for a free online video about "The Book of Abraham".
11. Oliver Cowdery, friend of Joseph Smith, scribe to The Book of Mormon, one of the "Three Witnesses" of The Book of Mormon, left the Mormon Church in 1836 because he claimed to catch Joseph Smith having sex with his beautiful 16 year old nanny (Fanny Alger) in a barn in Kirkland, Ohio. Cowdery was later a counterfeiter in Michigan.
12. Brigham Young, second president of the Mormon Church, owned whiskey distilleries, a beer hall, tobacco farms, and rented out houses as brothels in Salt Lake City while he was Church president. All Mormon historians KNOW this and many will candidly confirm these 33 Facts if you ask them and they do not fear losing their Church job (and Mormon wife).
13. T.B.H. Stenhouse, a former Mormon leader and friend of Brigham Young, later wrote a book claiming Young stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in tithing money from the Tithing Office each and every year. Young died one of the wealthiest men in America; 2.3 million in 1877 dollars (about 40 million today)! Did being Church President pay that well?
14. Brigham Young's former friend and bodyguard, Bill Hickman, wrote a book, Brigham's Destroying Angel, wherein he claimed that Young ordered people who got in his way murdered by "Danites" (a semi-secret band of Mormon assassins Hickman once headed).
15. About a dozen people close to Solomon Spaulding, a retired Congregationalist minister, swore in affidits that The Book of Mormon is based upon his "Manuscript Found in the Wilds of Mormon" (not to be confused with his first book called "Manuscript Found at Conneaut Creek"); a book "stolen" by Sidney Rigdon from the Patterson Printing Office in Pittsburg in 1822. Rigdon then spent 7 years reworking it into The Book of Mormon.
16. R.W. Alderman swore (on the Bible) in an 1884 affidavit that Martin Harris (financier of The Book of Mormon) told him in 1856, in Mentor, Ohio, that Sidney Rigdon wrote The Book of Mormon based upon a manuscript he stole from a printing office in Pittsburg in 1822 (i.e. Spaulding's second book: "Manuscript Found in the Wilds of Mormon").
17. Ancient America never had any oxen, nor asses, nor cows, nor sheep as The Book of Mormon claims the Nephites had (in the millions). Book of Mormon archaeology, ethnology, and biology is totally contrary to what scientists and archaeologists today know about ancient America. Horses in ancient America went extinct about 8,000 B.C.
18. Not one Nephite artifact has been recovered, and not one Nephite city has been unearthed to date, and Mormon archaeologists have searched for over 150 years!
19. The Book of Mormon claims that the American Indians are "Lamanites" and are the direct descendants of a Jew (Lehi) and an Arab (Ishmael). But, the American Indians are Asians and have no Semitic ancestry whatsoever: not one Semitic "gene" in their DNA going back over 28,000 years. American Indians are related to the Tuvan people of Siberia.
20. Mormons are required to go through a secret "Endowment Ceremony" in Mormon Temples in order to become "Gods" in the Afterlife. This "Endowment" is based upon Masonic rites, and there have been many changes in the Mormon Temple Endowment Ceremony. The original Endowment portrayed a Christian minister as a hirling of Lucifer, the Devil as a black man, Mormons were washed nude in tubs, and swore blood oaths not to reveal Endowment secrets (oaths removed in 1990). Changes were made in 1920, 1950, and in 1990. Today's Endowment Ceremony is a very "watered-down" and edited version.
21. Brigham Young, successor to Joseph Smith, legalized Negro and Indian slavery in Utah in 1850, and a number of Mormons (including Mormon Apostle Charles C. Rich) owned black slaves. Utah had many "anti-Negro" segregationist laws until the late 1960s.
22. Brigham Young preached that God's Law demanded that interracial couples should be "killed on the spot" along with their children by having their throats cut, and their blood spilling upon the ground. He preached this "blood atonement" practice should also be applied to thieves, adulterers, blasphemers (whose who call him or Joseph Smith "false prophets") and "apostates" (ex-Mormons). There is ample evidence that "Blood Atonement" was regularly practiced in Utah from 1852 until 1877; the year Brigham Young died.
23. Brigham Young and other Church Presidents and Apostles taught from 1848 until 1978 (130 year period) the Curse of Cain Doctrine; that "Negroes" are "cursed" and "inferior" and the children of Cain and were "less valiant" in the War in Heaven, and thus all blacks were "banned" (called "the priesthood-ban") from the Mormon priesthood and Mormon Temples until June 8th, 1978. The LDS Church today is saying, "We never taught that!" or "It was folklore, never a doctrine of the Church!" (BIG LIES!). The Church is now trying to cover-up its racist past! (For further information please go to: http://markofcain.angelfire.com) The Church ended the priesthood-ban on June 8th, 1978, but only after it was discovered that 65% of white Brazilian Mormon priesthood-holders had Negro blood in them, and after the U.S. government threatened to end the Church's tax-exempt status if it continued to "discrimate against blacks".
24. Joseph Smith regularly drank tea, coffee, beer, wine, and sometimes smoked cigars; in violation of the "Word of Wisdom" that all "Latter-day Saints" must keep.
25. Joseph Smith's closest friends and associates in the Church, David Whitmer, Martin Harris, John C. Bennett, Sidney Rigdon, Oliver Cowdery, William Law, William McLellin, all claimed at one time or another that Joseph was an adulterer, a liar, a polygamist, a thief, a murderer, and a "fallen prophet". All of them left the Church. Two (Cowdery and Harris) returned after Joseph was killed and Brigham Young promised to support them financially.
26. Brigham Young taught many doctrines which the Mormon Church today calls "false"; such as the Adam-God Doctrine; that Adam is the father of our spirits and the father of Jesus' spirit and body. If a Mormon teaches Adam-God today, the Church excommunicates him. Brigham Young also taught that the Sun and Moon were inhabited just as the Earth is.
27. Brigham Young and many other Mormon prophets and apostles taught that God the Father is an exalted White Man who had literal physical SEX with Mary (his spirit-daughter) in order to conceive the body of Jesus. This was taught openly as late as 1972. Many older Mormons over 50 still believe this "heavenly incest" doctrine. Mormon Church leaders taught it openly for 120 years (1852-1972). See Mormon Doctrine pp.546,742.
28. Mark Hofmann, a Mormon forger and murderer, FOOLED Mormon Church leaders, including Gordon B. Hinckley, for five years (1980-1985); selling the Church forged documents that Hinckley immediately tried to hide from the public (read The Mormon Murders by Gregory White Smith--available in bookstores and public libraries). WHERE was their "Spirit of Discernment" that all Mormon "prophets/seers/revelators" claim to have? Why couldn't ANY of them "discern" that Mark Hofmann was deceiving them?
ALL (100%) of Joseph Smith's prophecies failed, including the following prophecies:
29. A temple in Jackson County Missouri would be built before those living in 1832 would all pass away (all died long ago and there is still no Mormon Temple in Jackson County).
30. He would live to drink white wine with Orson Pratt in the Holy Land (never happened)
31. The Kirkland Bank would grow until it consumed all other banks (this "bank" failed in 1836). The State of Ohio indicted Joseph Smith with operating an illegal bank. He fled!
32. Zion's Camp (a Mormon militia) would triumph over the Missourians and restore to Mormons their stolen lands in Missouri. Instead, the Mormons were tossed out of Missouri, and they fled to Illinois and built the city of Nauvoo. Zion's Camp FAILED miserably.
33. Jesus Christ shall return in His second coming in the year 1891 (We're still waiting!) All (100%) of Joseph Smith's prophecies.....FAILED!!! How many failed prophecies can a true prophet give? Is it not time to come out of Mormonism? It is a false religion founded by a false prophet. A false religion cannot bless you nor save you nor exalt you!
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